3 Important Benefits of Waterproofing NEMA Enclosures

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Enclosures, generally cabinets that house electronic or sensitive devices such as switches, knobs, and wiring, help to prevent environmental damage and protect the user against hazardous parts. These enclosures, typically used in the industrial world, must meet the National Electronic Manufacturers Association, or NEMA, standards. NEMA standards range from protection against environmental factors, such as water, dust, and oil, to hazardous contaminates, such as acetylene and gasoline.

No matter the types of contaminate that may threaten an enclosure, the most important aspect of meeting and maintaining a NEMA enclosure is waterproofing. The importance of waterproofing NEMA enclosures should be a top priority for engineers and purchasers alike.

3 Important Benefits of Waterproofing NEMA Enclosures

1) Sealing Against Contaminates

Enclosures that have been built, tested, and proven to be waterproof are also impervious to contaminants. While this is excellent for outdoor and indoor environments that may be affected by weather, such as rain, snow, humidity, or heavily moisturized indoor temperaments, waterproofing can also guard against other NEMA standard contaminants such as mud, oils, and gases.

2) Durability

With a waterproof protective seal on an enclosure, you can ensure that the material within will experience a longer lifespan than those enclosures lacking a proper protective seal. The elements, especially weather related moisture and particle contaminants, are poisonous to delicate electrical or industrial parts. NEMA specifically requires enclosures to meet standards for safety and protection against these hazards. This will not only lend to the safety of the user, but also helps to extend the lifespan of the equipment being housed within the enclosure.

3) Safety

Safety not only refers to protection against access to hazardous materials and parts, as well as environmental damage and contaminants, but it also refers to the quality of the enclosure. Companies that supply NEMA enclosures generally design specialized testing that verifies the sustainability and quality of the enclosures. This testing will ensure that the structure meets NEMA standards.

Typical NEMA tests should meet the requirements of the Standard Guide for General Requirements for Bodies Operating Product Certification Systems or the Guide for General Criteria for a Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity. One example can be viewed here in a demonstration by Easter-Owen specialists.

By purchasing an enclosure that meets NEMA standards, you can ensure the safety of the housed product, be it electrical equipment or hazardous parts, as well as your, or your workers, safety against electrical shock or perilous conditions created by water damage.

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