5 Ways To Stay Creative When Metal Fab Becomes Monotonous

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It’s no secret that the world of custom metal fabrication can get drab at times. Especially when an order comes in for 20 of the same rectangular shaped box. How do welders, designers and engineers keep from getting bored in the shop?

Luckily for Designers and Engineers, it’s highly likely this set of rectangular electrical boxes have been designed before and some kind of basic template exists to start a new project. Welders, painters and fabrication experts may not be so lucky. Working on the same shape over and over in succession can take its toll on the mind and the body.


1. Look For Outside Inspiration
Don’t let a big order get you stuck in a rut! Inspiration is everywhere you look. That train that just rolled by? Take a moment to think about how that big ‘ole engine works. How could you make it better if you had designed it yourself? When you pass that enclosure on the street in someone’s backyard, how could you go improve that structure with a few pieces of metal and a hammer?

2. Challenge Yourself
Challenge yourself to finish the task in a different, even more effective way while maintaining the same quality. Is there a new angle you can set up for the weld? Have you tried a different process of designing the box? From the inside out instead of the outside in, perhaps.

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3. Learn A New Skill
Try a new process. Pick up a tool you haven’t used before and give it a go! Is there a trick to doing something faster, or an older method that takes a little longer that you haven’t tried in a while? Mix up the day-to-day by implementing new (or old) ways of doing things to keep your brain active.

4. Embrace The Boredom
Sometimes when you let the boredom take hold, your mind wanders and can often lead to creativity. Who knows, maybe the next time you embrace the boring periods of time you will find a new creative way to put the pieces of a different project together. This creative time could lead to an idea for a new production process!

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5. Quit!
If the boredom is just too much to take, stop the task for a few minutes. Take a walk. Get some fresh air. Enjoy a refreshing Coca-Cola. Change the radio station and crank up the volume when you get back to your station for a new sense of motivation. In all likelihood, after a short break the task will not seem so boring.

Photo Credit: Rick Janson

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