60 Years in Metal Fabrication

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Journey back to 1955, when a gallon of gas cost .23 cents, Disney introduced us to their Magic Kingdom, the Brooklyn Dodgers took home a World Series win and William Easter along with his cousin Al Owens, were opening the garage doors to their humble custom manufacturing business. Easter’s goal was lofty and well intentioned. Denver was growing and needed to support that effort with increasing utility infrastructure.


Easter and Owens wanted to deliver custom metal fabrications that performed beyond the industry standard all while elevating the customer experience. With a dream and a team, Easter-Owens brought this standard to fruition offering a business model that set them apart.

Since its modest beginnings laboring in Denver’s backyard, Easter-Owens has expanded their focus, and reach, gaining expertise in several industry-leading capabilities, such as power distribution centers, security electronics, custom metal buildings, Industrial control panels, and electrical enclosure and control panels. Even with devastating misfortunes, such as the flood of 1965 that destroyed the Easter-Owens facility, the company continues to thrive.  60 years since its inception, other family members have joined the ranks along with a team of skilled and dedicated employees that represent some of the best in the business.


We’re the team to for you. 

From design to manufacturing, we’ll help you every step of the way.

While the Easter-Owens team, along with their facility, have grown significantly since the beginning, the small family-owned feel still remains. Easter-Owens invites you into the facility as one of the family and encourages you to visit and view your project at any stage in the manufacturing process. They pride themselves on keeping your project in house from start to finish to ensure that the job is done right and on time.

No need to dust off the fedora to appreciate 60 years manufacturing magic. Come in a see it yourself.

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