A Day In The Life of Fabrication Lead, J.D. Samms

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Ever wonder what needs to happen behind the scenes to ensure project delivery is flawless and on time? Easter-Owens Fabrication Lead, J.D. Samms shares some insight on the daily schedule of tasks and effort it takes to meet project goals and deadlines.

JD Samms Headshot

A typical day starts with a check-in on the task list and maintaining a general plan for the day. Though this plan may change drastically at any time, the warehouse relies on a tentative schedule to keep production moving forward. As new projects come in throughout the day, the schedule is affected and changed. Adaptability is a key element for a smooth production process.
Projects that flow in during the day get prioritized, materials are gathered and jobs are assigned. Once in a while, Samms has to deliver bad news about a project—that, he says, is one of the worst parts of the job.
“As a result of our dedication to quality, we don’t have an army of people,” says Samms. “So hitting short deadlines becomes a challenge daily.”

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Don’t get the wrong idea, Samms makes sure that a quick turnaround time is a priority in the warehouse, and encourages his employees to keep this in mind as they craft and fabricate the metal products Easter-Owens has become known for. A day in the life of the Fabrication Lead is not all about deadlines and new projects. It’s also about maintaining equipment schedules.
The Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machine is a top priority in the warehouse for more than one employee. While Samms is in charge of the overall schedule of what is getting programmed and punched with the CNC, there is an employee assigned to watch over it at all times.

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All in all, the men of the warehouse face a list full of tasks on even the easiest of days. Tight deadlines challenge minds and schedules, but one thing it does not affect is the quality of products that come out of the Easter-Owens warehouse. Samms and the rest of his crew are dedicated to making sure quality comes first, no matter what project deadline is coming up.

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