A Day In The Life of Mechanical Designer, Clark Thompson

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The gorgeous, functional designs that flow out of Easter-Owens warehouse all start with an idea. But, how does that project go from just an idea to a fully constructed, custom fabricated object? For Mechanical Designer Clark Thompson, turning a scrap of an idea into a fully functioning device is not just a job, it’s a passion.


Though a plethora of electrical boxes are a staple of the Easter-Owens warehouse, the ‘If you can dream it, we can build it’ company welcomes all kinds of projects. No matter what a customer brings to the Easter-Owens team, the process remains the same to ensure 100% quality and function.

To make sure the job gets done correctly, Thompson starts with three considerations. What kind of space does the product require? Is it a small box or large box? What will this object plug in to, plumb to or connect to? For example, if the product must hang on the wall but can not bolt to concrete or drywall, the product is an instant failure. The last requirement Thompson must consider is the functionality of the product. If an electrical box can not run a current, why is it called an electrical box?

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After the initial three considerations are nailed down, customer specifics come in to play. What color has the customer asked for? Does it need a lever for an employee to turn it off and on? For some projects, the ‘If you have the ability, can you do this?’ requests are considered only after the form and function is worked out as precisely as possible.

“Once you know about your envelope, interface, and what it’s supposed to do,” says Thompson. “Then you can begin making sketches, thinking about parts, brainstorming and doing the creative work–the enjoyable part.”

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In the grand scheme of things, the Engineering Department is where all of the philosophy and poetry stops and problems get solved. Easter-Owens’ Engineers work echos through the entire company, to all departments.

“I can design fantastic things all day, but if J.D. can’t build them, they’re worth nothing,” says Thompson. “It’s very important to understand what tools you have before you start designing to make sure that the other departments are actually able to construct your design.”

In this way, Engineers and Designers have the tough job of knowing everything about the company. In the same light, Easter-Owens’ dedication to customization forces all departments to work together as a tight-knit team to get the job done.

At the end of the day, quality design and reliable functionality are the two most important elements Engineers and Designers offer at Easter-Owens. Thompson and the rest of the Engineering Department are dedicated to ensuring quality comes first, no matter what out-of-the-box request a customer brings in.

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