Are You Missing Out On Important Manufacturing Technology?

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As set-in-their-ways as metal workers are (veteran welders, we’re looking at you!), there’s so much excellent technology out there to advance the manufacturing industry, it’s hard for even them not to take notice. Technology in the metal fab world has taken a turn for the better recently. Any addition of technology in a manufacturing warehouse speeds the process, refines work flow and helps grow an excellent quality control rating. Here are a few pieces of manufacturing technology any shop should consider bringing in.


3D Metal Printer
Take a serious laser, a Computer Aided Device and some specialized metal powder and watch a miracle happen before your very eyes. A delicate process that involves a hermetically sealed chamber in order to control air parts and moisture, a 3D Metal Printer manufactures parts by adding layer upon layer of powder metals until a unique shape is formed. Once this part is formed in the printing chamber, it can be heat treated, coated, pressed or finished in a number of ways. It’s not the most practical for everyday use, but is a savior when it comes to trickier, hard-to-weld projects. Plus, it’s just really cool.

Arc Welding Robots
Talk about accuracy and efficiency, arc welding robots take tedious, low-level tasks out of the hands of welders, freeing them up for bigger projects and more detailed work. A robot welding the same thing over and over in the exact same way also increases quality control in your warehouse and frees the guys up to do more important tasks. If your shop sees a lot of hazardous materials, give the welding robot the job to keep you safe.

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Computer Numeric Controlled Machine
Again, the CNC machine is great for taking the longer work hours out and simplifying processes, freeing up guys in the shop to get to more important things. All it takes is a little programming and the CNC does the rest of the work, punching sheet metal into pre-specified shapes that are later bent.

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Technology is helping manufacturing shops get the job done faster and with more precision, Easter-Owens included. Our Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machine is one of the most technologically advanced machines you’ll find the Easter-Owens warehouse, on the manufacturing side anyway, and we love it! As hesitant as you may be to introduce new tech innovations into your normal workflow, it will change your processes for the better and give you more time to do what you love!

Photo Credit: Rick Janson

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