The Good, Bad, and Dangers of Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication is a fairly specialized skill set. Just as not everyone knows how to use a miter saw, even fewer know how to use a metal chop saw.  This is before thinking about rolling, bending, or welding the metal. The truth is that it’s not good enough to just get a design done, it needs […]

State Certification Requirements for Modular Buildings

Currently, there are 33 states that require modular building certifications. Each of these states has a different process, requirements and Third Party inspection schedule to obtain individual building certification. Compliance with all modular building requirements is critical to the successful inspection and startup of a modular building project.

Streamlining Manufacturing Production with Lean

Over the years, the emphasis on reducing waste and streamlining the manufacturing process has become more and more prominent. But of course, streamlining shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing quality. We believe that Lean practices apply to the entire business – from the front end, to the back end, from every office to the factory floor. […]

Team Member Spotlight: Janice Miller

A sense of family is what struck Janice Miller most about Easter-Owens, when she joined the company in 2000. The Senior Project Estimator for inside sales had worked with one of the company’s founders, Bill Easter, when the two were at another firm decades ago. Now, she says, “Family, honesty, and custom” are the terms that […]

Online Shopping Now Available with Easter-Owens

You’ve trusted Easter-Owens with your electrical and metal fabrication needs since 1955, and you’re used to requesting a quote and ordering our products over the phone. Now, we’re making it even easier for you to get our products, as online shopping is now available with Easter-Owens.

Understanding the Advantages of Fabricating Offsite vs Onsite

The decision to fabricate onsite or offsite depends heavily on the specifics of the project, but there are many benefits to using an offsite facility that can help determine if offsite fabrication is the right decision. To make the offsite fabrication successful, a project strategy must be created to change the orientation of the project process- […]

The Importance of Standardized PLC and Power Control Centers

Building a reliable, standardized programmable logic controller (PLC) and panel are tough tasks that require fine equipment and expert designers. Companies are especially concerned about creating reliable, scalable devices that do not fail. Fortunately, there are now facilities and teams that can produce the resources necessary for a first-rate PLC.   “We thrive to provide […]

What it Takes to Get an Accurate Manufacturing Quote and Project Estimate

It’s standard practice to get a quote on custom manufacturing and related projects, but getting one that is accurate requires more than just calling a company and asking how much they charge. Accuracy is only obtained when that company has enough details to factor everything into the cost.   Note All of the Details Before […]

4 Reasons to Try Powder Coating for Electrical Enclosures

Once an electrical enclosure or other industrial box is in use, most people don’t give its coating a second thought. However, it’s worth giving it some consideration at the time the box is being ordered. This will help to ensure that you end up with one that will resist the rigors of the environment and […]

The Importance of a Well-Made Electrical Enclosure

National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) defines various safety and protection requirements for all electronic systems. Among them is the need for protective room for electrical components. Many firms undertake construction and installation work without fully comprehending this rule. In the end, accidents follow. Listed are the benefits to a well-made electrical enclosure.   Durability When exposed to […]