CAD Software: A Blessing Or Curse?

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The wide world is growing by leaps and bounds and the manufacturing industry is feeling the effects of the technological growth. Specifically, Computer Aided Design Software has helped custom metal fabrication reach new levels of design in recent years. Of course all our fellow engineering veterans know that how helpful Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software can be, but how does it help the rest of the warehouse?


Understanding The Software
First things first, learning how to use CAD Software is very difficult. By nature, it’s very mathematical. In order to understand everything that goes on with the software, one must have a fairly good grasp on math functions.

“Math was invented so we could understand and replicate the world around us, and that’s what CAD Software does,” says Clark Thompson, Easter-Owens Mechanical Designer. “Take a donut for example. The shape of a donut is very simple. What it takes to make that donut mathematically is Calculus.”

The same mathematical functions a person would use longhand Math for in order to create a physical donut are available with this advanced software. Conceptually it can be difficult, but on the other hand, learning CAD Software helps one learn how math is used in our everyday lives.

Big Machine Use
Not only do CAD programs help out our Engineering Department, you can find Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Software in the warehouse. Our biggest machine, the Computer Numeric Controlled machine (CNC) a.k.a. The Puncher, uses it’s own CAM Software to create flawless shapes in flat sheet metal. More importantly, the shapes the CNC Machine makes are designed by this software from the Engineering Team, then transferred to the machines own CAM Software for production.

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Several industries use CAM and CAD programs to aid in their everyday production. From Oil & Gas companies using CAD to help in generator creation to the Food Industry who use CAD and CAM software to help them pack boxes and bags of goods.

Practical Applications
CAD programs make the job easier for more than just engineers these days. Architects, artists and designers all benefit from the computer software.

“There is no more longhand math, we have these incredible tools that allow us to do things so much faster and more effectively,” says Thompson. “The modern world makes it all much more easy. A lot of better men than me have built great tools that I am fortunate to get to use today.”

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At Easter-Owens, it’s important that we stay on top of technological innovations. Though CAD Software has a pretty big learning curve, it is an incredible part of our quality and deliverability promise to our customers. Whether it’s a pain to learn or the saving grace of the engineering world, CAD programs are a staple here at the Warehouse and in the Engineering Department.

Photo Credit: Rick Janson

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