Discover How We Fit 57 Buildings In A 55,000 Sq Ft Warehouse

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After a recent purchase order of 57 Power Distribution Center (PDC) buildings, the warehouse needed a little rearranging to accommodate for production. Not only did we have to totally restructure the flow of the Easter-Owens warehouse, this huge addition of jobs onto the already-full schedule of our staff required a little re-prioritizing of projects. It was tricky, but we’ve started production and can’t wait to ship these babies out. 


Constructing a PDC building is no walk in the park. Luckily, we have an incredible team of designers, engineers, fabricators and painters who put their heads together to streamline the process earlier this year, just in time for this big order to come through. Now, our process transitions smoothly from department to department effectively and efficiently.

Once construction began on these buildings, we found out pretty quickly that no matter how streamlined our process was, we’d need to re-arrange the entire warehouse to accommodate the larger quantity of buildings in the warehouse as well as the way they would be moved around the warehouse to allow different departments to get to them.

While this big order of PDC Buildings is a priority for us, we don’t let it affect other projects that come through the door. We value each of our customers equally, and when we accepted the job, we knew there would be major adjustments in terms of assigning and prioritizing projects.

The warehouse got a makeover. In order for us to create the flow we needed through the warehouse, we had to rearrange a few things. It wasn’t easy moving sheet metal and machines around, but our staff worked together to plan the best way to get these structures moving through the warehouse as they should.

In the end, the task of getting 57 buildings into our 55,000 sq ft warehouse was a welcome challenge. Everyone at Easter-Owens is involved in this project and it has taken all of us putting our heads together to get it done.

Photo Credit: Rick Janson

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