Easter-Owens Proudly Add Marines to the Team

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The Easter-Owens commitment to quality, dedication and teamwork made the company a perfect fit for three United States Marine veterans who recently transitioned to civilian employment.

Brice, Arich and Tyler all served together at Camp Pendleton, near San Diego. Brice and Arich worked in communications, while Tyler served as a military police officer. After they were discharged, the three friends went to welding school together.


When Brice and his wife moved to Colorado last May, he had job offers from several companies, but Easter-Owens seemed like the best fit for his expertise. After a few months on the job, he recommended the company to his friends.

After being hired, Easter-Owens sent Tyler to Connecticut for additional training to operate the CNC (computer numerical control) machine. Now he cuts out sheet metal pieces for his buddies, Brice and Arich, to weld.

The trio recently completed the Tall Grass project, fabricating 60 buildings for the pipeline industry.

“Erich and I took it from ground-zero and built it all ourselves, then Tyler was running all the parts and the CNC, so it was kind of full-circle. Seeing it start as nothing and watching all these buildings ship out months later was pretty satisfactory,” Brice said.

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The veterans were sergeants when they left the Marine Corps, working on their own and supervising other Marines — skills that translated well for fitting in with the Easter-Owens team.

All three really enjoy the family oriented atmosphere and the spirit of camaraderie of working at Easter-Owens.

“This is an amazing place to work. The people here are hard-working and they accepted us…We like to say it’s the second best place we’ve ever worked, because if it wasn’t for the Marine Corps, we wouldn’t be here under the same roof,” Arich said. Arich grew up in New York, Tyler is from Idaho, while Brice hails from Wyoming. With their Marine service and time at Easter-Owens, the three friends have been working together a total of seven years.

The veterans were pleasantly surprised by the reception they received from other Easter-Owens employees. “Everyone here is really grateful and respectful about how we served in the military. They go beyond to show their appreciation to us, which is more than we could really ask for honestly,” Tyler said.

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