Employee Spotlight: Bob Grenfell

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Meet Easter-Owens’ new Purchasing Manager, Bob Grenfell. His responsibilities include the following: inventory management, supplier/vendor management, negotiations, and managing cost reduction.


His previous manufacturing jobs were at Ball Corporation for 29 years and RK Mechanical for 1 year and 6 months before getting the opportunity with Easter-Owens. Bob started his first job as an hourly employee at Ball Corporation and worked all the way up to a Director level position. During his tenure at Ball, Bob became familiar with the shop floor, purchasing, production planning, inventory management, supply chain, and how to relate to people at every level. His experience makes him an ideal fit at Easter-Owens.
As an Arvada native, Bob was very familiar with Easter-Owens and even lives very close to the company.  He also knew Erica Easter from her college days when she worked at the local gym nearby. With her introduction, he met the rest of the family including Tara, Dave, and Pam. He always admired the family and the company culture. He feels blessed to experience it firsthand.
Outside of work he enjoys being a dad to his 3 sons, working out, attending Flatiron’s Church, gardening, an annual backpacking/camping trip, watching football, movies, and taking evening bike rides in the summer and fall.
If you have questions for Bob or want to know more about purchasing at Easter-Owens, contact us!

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