Employing The Touchbolt™

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It is a programmable solid state-no-moving-parts switching device used to replace conventional mechanically activated toggle or push-button switches. It is designed to control lighting, and other loads within the electrical ratings with just a touch of a finger.

Common mechanical electric switches operate by bringing two contacts into physical contact to close a circuit. These contacts wear with repeated use over time, eventually causing the circuit to fail. Switches can also be easily damaged from physical abuse or intentional vandalism.

Touchbolt Switch ELCML-3

The Touchbolt™ has a life expectancy far beyond that of any mechanical switch currently on the market, can be used indoors or out and is tamper resistant making it ideal for all levels of security.

What are the advantages?

The Touchbolt™ switch uses resistance bridging instead of direct physical contact points to close the circuit and has no moving parts in the switch. The system includes electrodes strategically mounted in a doorbell-sized stainless steel bolt device in the face plate. When the operator touches the electrodes in the designated location on the bolt, skin resistance across the electrodes is sensed by the circuitry in the switch. This electronic response produces an output signal that energizes the desired electrical load.

Want to learn more about the Touchbolt™ Switch?

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The Touchbolt system can be installed in several configurations. It can control two lighting systems. The module connected to the switch has three-position dip switches that provide a range of secure programmability to the switch. These TouchBolt™ assemblies can be ordered in various lengths and configurations. The touch input can be one bolt for two-way or two bolts for three-way operation. Two low-voltage override control inputs are provided that can be used to give operators forced-on and forced-off control of the circuits. A 24 volt AC/DC override, standard on all ELCML-3 modules forces all loads on, or off, as signaled.

The bolt system can be fixture, panel or wall mounted, and can range in size to accommodate varying wall thickness. The stainless steel bolt activator attaches to a rugged module containing the solid state circuitry. Simply touching the bolt activator controls up to 2,000 watts of illumination. The Touchbolt™ and the control module are installed in the same junction box or fixture. The distance between the Touchbolt™ assembly and the touch controller can be as much as 20 feet and can be installed through walls using Plastic Sleeving material.

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Photo Credit: Rick Janson


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