Everything Under One Roof

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Many industrial manufacturing firms specialize in certain areas, which means that outsourcing numerous services to other companies is required.This not only complicates the process as a whole, but multiplies the cost of the completed product. The self-performance of every aspect of industrial manufacturing is truly what sets Easter Owens apart from other industrial manufacturing firms – it’s rare that you see everything including Sales, Engineering and Design, Fabrication, Paint, Wiring and Assembly, and Testing and Delivery all under one roof.

It’s what has led to its history of delivering a failproof, high quality product every single time. 


Easter Owens 55,000 square foot facility in Arvada, Colorado. Photo credit: Rick Janson.

Advantages: Having Everything under One Roof
Not too far back, sales, engineering and design, fabrication, paint and many other aspects were considered to be separate disciplines for industrial buildings and other metal fabrication. For example, a company would have outsourced its sales department while performing the engineering and design work by themselves, and then passing it on to yet another firm for fabrication and paint. This meant hiring of a greater number of contractors eventually leading to higher costs for the end-user…with more room for error.

Easter Owens’ goal is to keep every aspect of manufacturing under one roof, and for a number of good reasons.

Some of the factors include time-to-market, automation of equipment, and the cost efficient manufacturing associated with each process are the causal, driving factors – in addition to the idea of checks and balances.

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Here is a detailed look at the “why”:

1.) Time-to-market
With each process going on under the same roof, the time to market (or delivery) is significantly reduced as no different contractors are needed nor there is a need to transport under-development products long distances to reach different contractors. Everything from the sales, to the design, engineering, fabrication to paint and delivery is done at and from a single location. The implementation of advanced technology and machinery has also streamlined the entire process.

2.) Efficiency
Efficiency is greatly enhanced by having everything under one roof. As previously mentioned, no contractors are involved and therefore there is no dependence on others when it comes to completing a certain project. In the case when other contractors were involved, if one party breached a deadline, the entire chain was affected, causing a dramatic loss of efficiency and productivity.

3.) Cost Effectiveness
With everything in one place, there is no need to collect or have components transported from one place to another. The transportation not only had operating expenses associated with it, but if any component was damaged, the company would have to bear the loss.

The reduction in associated risk and time savings has translated into cost effective operations. In addition to that, multiple sites require a greater number of employees. With automation and all relevant equipment at a single place, the workforce can be put to a more efficient use, thereby contributing to the overall cost effectiveness of the entire organization.

4.) Checks and Balances

For some projects, Easter Owens is only used for a portion of the project. For instance, we work with various engineering firms – even though we offer it as a service. In these cases, our engineers work together with the external company, ensuring the product is produced in the best way possible – that no detail is missed. As a custom fabricator – we’ve seen and solved just about every type of problem out there.

Plus – we offer an open door policy for any customer who prefers to be hands-on with the quality assurance of their project. Located in Arvada, Colorado – Easter Owens is easy to get to throughout the Denver Metro area.

When looking for a company who can bring your ideas to life, whether in Power DistributionIndustrial Control PanelsMetal Buildings and more – you can certainly entrust the company who has everything under one roof, a 100% open door policy, and who has been doing it for over 60 years. You can trust family owned Easter Owens.

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