Evolution of Manufacturing: Impact of Economy, Environment & More

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Manufactoring is hardly what it used to be. Over the past century manufacturing has evolved from sheer muscle pounding away at the days to a sophisticated adaptation of technical and information based processes.Machinery and new technologies have made it possible to develop with the growing economic need while also perfecting its craft to make its products more durable to continue to mature with our environment. 

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Meeting Economic and Global Pressures:

According to the Conference Board Global Outlook, the last couple of months have been increasingly challenging for the global economy.  Global markets are in constant threat of harmful exchange rates.  For example, while the US dollar has appreciated, the ECB has implemented the “Quantitative Easing Program” to deflect the risk of deflation of the euro in the Eurozone.  Not to mention, the smoldering disturbance in geopolitics makes for a turbulent economic climate.  Modern manufacturing must adapt with the ebbs and flows of economic diversity and cater to individual market needs.  Custom fabrication and fluid thinking become essential, as well as the importance of mastering modern technologies and pushing lead times in order to continue evolving with global needs and not fall victim to economic downfall.


(a new piece of equipment at Easter-Owens)

New Technologies/Environment:

Advanced technologies have not only made our existing industries more acute and efficient, but have led to harnessing renewable energies.  The birth of solar energy arrestor panels and wind turbine control panels have begun a new era in energy efficiency.  In Colorado alone there are four wind farms towering over the countryside crunching data, converting wind into our utilities and reducing the use of carbon fuels.  Carbon fuels are also being reduced by the popularity of electric cars and the advancement of electric carports.

Durable Equipment:

Advanced manufacturing have allowed us to push the limits of durability and longevity of fabricated installations.  Metal fabrication is more important than ever.  Globally, large investments are being made for transportation, infrastructure, energy production and building materials calling for metals to be stronger and lighter than ever.

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