From idea to finished product: a step-by-step manufacturing process

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From power distribution equipment to security electronics and metal buildings, we provide custom electrical solutions in a highly efficient manner. From an initial industry-specific request through all aspects of development and manufacturing to final installation and testing, we are here to accommodate your individual needs and implement your vision – and quickly. 


So: how long does it take? And what is involved in the process?

After reviewing the initial request and getting a sense of what you are looking for, our team comes up with a detailed project quote for your approval. Once approved, depending on the project, it may take anywhere from 15 minutes to 3-4 days to begin the work – creating plans and drawings, demonstrating design features and custom capabilities for customers’ initial review.

When it comes to such elaborate projects as Power Distribution Equipment, it may take up to 3 weeks to draft a proposal to ensure proper functioning of a highly complex power management system.

After the design and specification have been approved, we begin the manufacturing process. The timeline for assembly, fabrication, and painting depends on the specifics and technical complexity of a given project.

Upon completion, we install, wire and test the equipment onsite to ensure seamless integration and proper functioning.

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We provide quality that perform above and beyond expectations.

For a better sense of a timeline for your particular project, please contact us to discuss your specific needs and ideas. Easter Owens will not only bring your concepts to life, but will help you come up with an optimal and efficient solution and ensure its flawless execution.

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