How Powder Coating Contributes to Quality Fabrication

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Whether you’re fabricating power distribution equipment or security electronics, powder coating is an essential part to fabricating quality products that are not only durable, but also economically and environmentally friendly.


With a traditional liquid-based paint, solvents evaporate quickly releasing harmful chemicals in to the environment and causes poor consistency during the drying process. Not to mention, any paint spilled is a loss in product.
Powder coating on the other hand produces a uniform texture and color and since there is no liquid solvent, the process reduces the amount of chemical byproducts released. In addition, any powder not on your product can be swept up and reused. Money saved on paint costs equals money you saved on your manufacturing project!

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Aside from the economic, aesthetic and environmental reasons mentioned above, the right paint job is also a durable, and reliable option to protect your system from environment to electrical discharge.
Because powder coating creates a uniform consistency across your fabrication, there are no spots for sun and rain to wear down the metal and damage your product. Sense moisture and condensation happen within buildings due to humidity in the environment, ventilation problems, or even spills and other workplace mishaps, a quality paint job ensures the long life of your product even indoors.
Whether you are using powder coating to create a uniform type of insulating switch or other control board part or creating a shell that is protected against accidental discharges, a powder coated paint insulator provides you just what you need.

Uniform Quality

In a quality manufacturing system, powder coating is more than a pretty face but also an essential part of the whole process. When all your other aspects of design and manufacturing are done to the highest of standards, the quality, longevity and uniformity of paint produced by a powder coating is the crowning part of your quality product. Contact us to start manufacturing your quality product!

Photo Credit: Rick Janson


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