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How to Maximize Output of Power Sources

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In every environment, power serves an important purpose in our lives. Industries, households and various sectors of the economy rely heavily on power. Unreliable energy sources are a huge contributor of economic slowdown. Secondary connection cabinets play a significant role in enhancing power supply, and here is how.


Reduce replacement costs

Power transformers have been known to break down from time to time and the rate of vandalism continues to soar. This vandalism on transformers causes severe power outages that can greatly disrupt operations. Despite this, however, ways to solve this particular problem continue to surface. Secondary cabinets help reduce the cost to incur and replace a faulty transformer because it reduces secondary connections at the transformer.

Expansion of contact points

One of the biggest challenges of using transformers is that they have a specific number of connection points available to supply a particular area. That means that regions where demand exceeds what one transformer can offer, an additional transformer is necessary. However, with secondary connection cabinets, connection points increase close to the distribution transformer. They serve as an outdoor grade level device; that serves this purpose best, and ensures that more clients get to access the resource.


Secondary connection cabinets have a bus in them that accommodates single or double lugs. Hence, you will not need to get a particular connection cabinet for a particular lug, and this helps reduce cost significantly. In addition, these lugs should fit in the NEMA standard bolt pattern, which these cabinets make provision for as well. Contact us today for more details.

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