International Access in Metal Fabrication: 3 Benefits

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Metal fabrication is a necessary tool used by contractors, engineers, and designers regularly in various industries including construction, repair shops, shipyards, and airfields, to name just a few. Therefore, it is beneficial – and key – when deciding upon a fabrication company, that its connections span not only domestically, but also internationally. The opportunity to access clientele around the world should not be limited or restricted by the capabilities of a metal fabricator. Metal fabrication companies servicing regions around the world should be high on any industry’s list as they provide the opportunity to expand, grow, and build a more diverse client base.


3 Benefits of a Metal Fabrication Company with International Access

1) Global Knowledge

Metal fabrication companies who have experience in international shipping services will be more accustomed to dealing with the issues may arise with shipping across the globe. Shipping requirements, restrictions and more can vary from country to country.

2) Networking and Resources

In order to offer the most effective – and in many cases, most competitive – packaging and pricing, fabrication companies need to network, research, and expand their resources. Choosing a metal fabricator that works internationally will not only expand your industry’s capabilities to grow a larger base clientele, but may offer networking opportunities and points of contact in foreign countries.

Creating a close, personal relationship with an internationally connected metal fabrication company is a highly useful method of building a business alliance that is beneficial for both parties.

3) Quality Assurance

Fabrication companies that ship internationally put forth effort and attention to ensuring the quality of the product, as well as shipment methods – equating to overall savings, return business and less headaches during the process.


Easter-Owens is a custom manufacturer who can get you what you need.
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Having extensive international experience, Denver-based Easter Owens offers over 60 years metal fabrication experience and services. Specializing in power distribution equipment, custom metal buildings, industrial control panels, electrical enclosures, and security electronics, Easter-Owens prides itself on providing high-quality material, along with personal customer service.

With a broad umbrella of domestic capabilities including certification in Texas, Easter Owens has provided international services to places including Antarctica, Chile, Guam, and Australia and many others. Any project, no matter the size, scope, or distance, is adequately managed by professional and seasoned personnel.

Have Questions About International Metal Fabrication Services?

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