Maintenance Best Practices: Electrical Enclosures

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Easter-Owens, has years of experience manufacturing electrical enclosures and as an expert suggests it is always good practice to make sure your electrical enclosures are well maintained. These practices protect your investment and the longevity of our product. These tasks are easy, but crucial, to do.



Do a visual inspection regularly – how often depends on the harshness of the enclosure’s environment. If it is exposed to extreme weather, inspect often. Inspect less often in a milder climate. Although, if it is impacted by other elements like vibrations, frequent temperature changes, or large machinery working in close proximity, then you should check more frequently. Even minor issues, if left unchecked can become bigger problems in the future.

  Be on the look out for:

  • Loosened screws, clamps and nails. These you should tighten on the spot to keep your enclosure ceiled tight to keep out the elements like rain and snow.
  • Dents and holes. There are kits you can purchase that will repair small dents and holes, but if a dent looks serious, the enclosure will need a more thorough checking to make sure that the integrity of the enclosure is still intact and parts have not been damaged as well.
  • Worn down parts. Things such as conduit connection flexing and stress exposure can wear down rubber fittings and seals. Condensation from cold can cause corrosion, creepage currents, and flashovers. Excessive heat can fuse and cause the circuit breakers to malfunction and show strain. Plus, things just wear down.


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All parts wear down eventually. When you find a crumbling seal or a missing screw, replace them immediately as this is the invitation for water to leak onto your electrical components.


Any electrical components exposed to the outside elements need regular cleaning, especially in difficult environments where the amount of dirt and chemical components in the air can build up quickly. This can change the thermal properties of an electrical enclosure, which can cause damage from temperature extremes.

General Care

Make sure that everyone opening and closing the enclosure completely seals the enclosure once done. This will lengthen the life of the enclosure and the electrical components inside it considerably.

If you properly maintain your enclosure, it will give you years of good use. If, however, something does malfunction or is not running properly always call an expert to help with your electrical components, contact us. We have years of experience.

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