Metal Fabrication: Three Touch Points to Understanding It

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Metal fabrication is a useful process for contractors, engineers, and designers. When embarking upon a new project where fabricated metal will be used such as structural design, machine development, or the designing of specialized metal components, it is important to first become knowledgeable on the basics of fabrication and fabrication companies.

With such a wide variety of possibilities and projects, here are three touch points to begin understanding just what Metal Fabrication entails.


1. What is metal fabrication and what is it used for?

Metal fabrication is the process of constructing metal, machines and structures from raw materials. Generally, the process will combine multiple methods including cutting, bending, and assembling.

There are specialized companies, such as Easter-Owens, that create fabricated materials for contractors, equipment manufacturers, and engineers.

A few examples of projects where metal fabrication is an integral component include construction of heavy equipment, creation of structural frames and individual parts, and the design.

There are various non-general uses for metal fabrication as well. An example would be building specialized machines for engineers or contractors who must meet special client specifications.

2. What is the make-up of fabrication metal?

Metal fabricators use various raw materials and alloys for their fabrication metals including aluminum, brass, copper, gold, iron, silver, magnesium, and various grades of steel. These are generally put through processes such as forging, brazing, casting, or welding.

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3. What to look for in a metal fabrication company?

Finding a metal fabrication company that fits both the project and client needs can define the ease of the entire process. A suitable fabrication company will provide a seamless, finished product, but an exceptional company will also limit the need of direct client involvement throughout the process. For example, a first-rate company should provide coordination of multiple vendors if specialized services are needed.

In choosing a company, make sure to consider the following aspects:

  • Question the company’s experience and handling of similar projects.
  • Review and familiarize yourself with their fabrication capabilities concentrating on the types of materials.
  • Make sure to discuss and decide upon a turn-around time that fits the project.
  • Before selecting a company, make sure they offer reliable and personable customer service.

Choosing the right type of fabrication metal can offer more strength, stability, and durability as well as a longer life span.

Easter-Owens offers over 60 years of internationally recognized metal fabrication experience and services. Specialities include power distribution equipment, custom metal buildings, industrial control panels, electrical enclosures, and security electronics. We pride ourself on providing high-quality material, even with short lead times, along with personal customer service.

Please feel free to contact Easter Owens with questions or to speak with a representative about your metal fabrication needs.

Photo Credit: Rick Janson 

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