Modular Fabrication: How it benefits the oil and gas industry.

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In the constant fluid nature of the oil and gas industry the necessity for adaptation has become increasingly important.

Permanent is not always the best solution and transient is no longer associated with low quality. Strict competition and stringent regulations heightens the need for quality and efficiency, fast making modular fabrication an industry standard.


Solar Powered Power Rack for oil and gas application for Industrial Control Panel 

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Modular Fabric­ation is the idea of taking the construction of custom fabrications out of the job site and putting them in a controlled environment to increase efficiency, safety and the allowance for transcendent and fluid adaptability.


When custom fabrications remain off-site the process becomes much more efficient.  Speed and cost effectiveness become huge power plays allowing your business to thrive. For instance, the building materials needed are already in place to assure the highest quality installation.  This also allows for work to continue on the job-site decreasing the chance of stalling projects.  Labor hours can be dedicated to moving forward with the project and not weigh down your budget.


With all of the materials needed to test quality nearby, the function and quality can be tested thoroughly and without the added stress and haste that on onsite construction site adds.  Allowing for fabrication to be done in a controlled environment also reduces the risk of injuring falling on workers that might be unfamiliar with the surroundings.


Perhaps the most notable convenience of modular fabrication is its transformability.  Because of its design it can be easily constructed as well as broken down and moved to adapt to change.  This allows for easy modifications to be added along to way to keep up to date with the newest technology and regulations in a more cost effective way.

About Easter Owens:

Easter-Owens has the ability to build in several states across the United States due to certifications for many industrial building programs. The company is also amongst one of the only fabricators in Colorado to be certified by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) to build reliable and durable custom industrial buildings for the state of Texas.

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