National Manufacturing Day: Revering the Past & Celebrating the Future

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The Industrial Revolution progressed America into, a modern, urban landscape and a leader in manufacturing technology. The 19th century was characterized by mass production, electrification of factories and more efficient steel production. Chemicals, vulcanized rubber, fertilizers, home goods and automobiles became manufacturing monopolies. Newly successful American manufacturers ushered in a new era.


Fast-forward to the new millennium as the face of manufacturing has once again changed with the marriage of computers and high-speed mechanization. The age of the smart factory has seen technology evolve along with the labor force, melding both brains and bronze to conceive new technology and forge peerless fabrications.

National Manufacturing Day, recognized the first week of October every year is a celebration of modern manufacturing and is meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Events are hosted nationally to invite students to learn more about manufacturing in the U.S. Factory tours, keynote speakers and demonstrations all hope to inspire students to pursue manufacturing technology careers.

Photo Credit: Rick Janson

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