Our Proven Process Ensures Turnkey Customer Service

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Our first priority at Easter-Owens is creating a product that fulfills our customers’ specifications, one that can be relied on, with impeccable customer service that can’t be found anywhere else. Top-notch quality control procedure and an open door policy ensure that not only do our products meet and exceed a company’s needs, but also provide a level of comfort along the way. At Easter-Owens, we aren’t afraid to open our doors at any phase of a project for our customers or engineers to test, provide feedback and work in tandem to guarantee that expectations are being met deliver a stellar product.


Our proven process is based on a clear path to the finished product and constant communication from the beginning to the end with our customer. We provide turnkey customer service and ensure the product meets all our clients’ needs.

EO Proven Process:

Solution Proposal

  1. Welcome the Customer
  2. Identify the Project
  3. Strategize the Solution
  4. Present the Solution

Solution Management

  1. Solution Kick-off Meeting
  2. Engaged Weekly Updates on Project
  3. Communicate Scheduling Milestones
  4. Understanding the Scope and Accommodating the Project Evolution as Required
  5. Commitment to the Successful Completion of the Project

Engineering and Design

    1. UL or 3rd Party Compliance Requirements and Assurance
    2. Review of Customer’s Specific Requirements from Estimating through Startup
    3. Product Detail Drawings and BOM,PLC prog, as req’d
    4. Production Engineering Collaboration
    5. Technical Resource for EO and Customers


    1. Receive the Design Package
    2. Review and Understand the Scope
    3. Monitor the Process of Creating the Solution
    4. Inspect and Verify the Completion of the Solution

About Easter Owens

From power distribution equipment to security electronics and metal buildings, we provide custom electrical solutions in a highly efficient manner. From an initial industry-specific request through all aspects of development and manufacturing to final installation and testing, we are here to accommodate your individual needs and implement your vision – and quickly.

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