PDC Buildings: Streamlining The Process

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The manufacturing of Power Distribution Center (PDC) Buildings is no small task. The buildings are fairly sizeable and house a lot of moving parts that are all equally important to one another. With the boom of the oil and gas industry, a need for larger quantities of PDC buildings began to rise.


As the demand for these buildings grew, Easter-Owens needed to scale their efforts to create a high-quality building in a shorter time. A special problem-solving team was created within the company, and they set to work finding a solution. It took two years, but when the team of Easter-Owens’ employees put their heads together, they came up with a solution that has allowed them to increase their PDC business exponentially.

“I don’t think we would have been able to pass the Texas Quality Inspection without our new process,” said J.D. Samms, Easter-Owens Fabrication Lead. “There is really a night and day difference between the old process and the new one.”

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Original Fabrication
In the beginning, the build out process called for an enormous amount of welding on the part of the Fabrication Team. Every piece of the building required welding, which took up a lot of time in between drawings and wiring/painting.

While a lot of welding on a building is a good thing, it can make it hard for the customer to transport or assemble. Not to mention, this large amount of welding took a toll on the welders themselves. Luckily, Easter-Owens paint booth is incredibly large, so painting these big structures wasn’t too much of a challenge.

Pre-Manufactured Pieces
The catalyst of the new production process is the creation of pre-manufactured pieces. These pieces are pre-made, then bolted or welded together when it’s time for assembly. A multitude of projects require these pre-manufactured pieces, allowing Easter-Owens to create a stock of parts for a variety of orders. Because of the versatility of pre-manufacturing key pieces, Easter-Owens gains a leg up on shortening lead times and guaranteeing a quality product.

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Powder Coating Pre-Installation
In an effort to curb a small problem with rust on the PDC buildings, the team decided to powder coat each pre-manufactured piece before it gets bolted or welded together. This method of powder coating pre-installation guarantees the entire building is covered with a coat of paint and is more likely to be rust free.

Now, not only is the building more efficiently protected against rust, it is also highly branded to the client’s specifications. Because the outside of the building is not the only part of the building that gets painted, clients enjoy branding throughout the entire building, even the less visible innards.


Bolt Construction
The last bit of the new, more efficient process comes in the form of Bolt construction. By eliminating a majority of the heavy-duty welding on PDC Buildings, the Fabrication Team is free to move on to other projects and keep the assembly line moving. Bolt construction is just as safe and effective as welding, without the longer construction time.

A streamlined manufacturing process has allowed Easter-Owens to offer a larger number of PDC Buildings to customers at one time and speed production time up for other customers whose projects require more significant welding.

Easter-Owens always goes the extra mile to make sure we provide a quality product that adheres to RESOLUTION NO. 35 – FACTORY BUILT NONRESIDENTIAL STRUCTURES. Most PDC’s in CO or leave CO need a seal of approval per Official Publication of the State Administrative Rules (24-4-103(11) C.R.S.).

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