Powder Coating: The Process Simplified

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The main steps to powder coating aren’t too dissimilar to painting, but there are some differences that make the final finish so much smoother and more durable.  So how does powder coating work?

Imagine, you just got your industrial control panel powder coated.  It looks better than new, the color is bright, and the finish is smooth as glass.  So how did it get like that?

Green PT Cabinets

Surface Preparation
If it was painted, the paint is removed until the bare metal is exposed. The surface is microscopically etched either chemically or mechanically; this creates a texture that the powder better adheres to.  This process is called the surface prep.

Next the item is grounded, and depending on the application heated. This ground helps the positively charged powder attract to the item and ‘stick’ to it.  When the item is fully coated, it’s time to cure.


How does is it cure?
The item is placed into a hot oven, most powder coatings melt at 390 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes the powder melt into an even coat and harden, which then solidifies when it’s removed from the oven.


Why is it so durable?
Powder coatings are very difficult to remove. They can’t be scrubbed off or removed with most household solvents, in fact it takes a very strong acid to remove it.

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This durability makes powder coating the best choice for any parts that are going to be subject to a lot of abuse, which is why industries such as mining and oil and gas leverage a quality powder coating. The strong coating will last fifty times longer than paint, if not more.

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