Powder Coating: The Right Powder For The Job

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Some may argue that the powder coating selection is the most difficult part of the fabrication process. There are thousands of options not only in colors but in texture and gloss levels as well. If that’s not enough to wrack your brain over, you can even go as far as to mix different powders together.

So how do you decide what powder is the best for the job? Start with the basics and break it down from there. Here’s a brief summary of the base powders and their strengths toward a specific job type:

Coating Powders

EPOXY: while epoxy coating is not UV stable (meaning that those things that are coated in epoxy cannot be exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time), it is very impact resistant, making it great for high-traffic areas, and areas where corrosion prevention is needed the most.

POLYESTER: this is the most common type of powder coating, mostly because it is the most durable, least expensive, and all-around weather resistant.

ACRYLIC: acrylic powder provides a very clear and smooth coat to whatever it’s applied to, and has a very good chemical resistance.

FLUOROPOLYMER:this mostly has outdoor industrial applications, because it has the best outdoor durability of all of the different powders available.

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The choice of powder coating is an important decision that contributes to the success of a quality manufacturing job. To learn more about powder coating and its benefits, contact us today. You can even schedule a tour of our facility and see how it is to work with and be a part of the Easter-Owens family!


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