Touchbolt™ Assembly

Written by easterow on September 14, 2015

Touchbolt™ Assembly


The Touchbolt™ Assembly is designed to interface with the following Easter-Owens TBM5-TERM and ELCML-3 Modules. There are three bolt options available to meet your needs; the Panel, Through Wall and Fixture Mount…

The Panel Mount TBA is designed to mount in a panel of varying thickness, up to 1/2” thick. The Panel Mount TBA consists of:
– Stainless steel carriage bolt
– (2) nuts…

Sizes are 1/4”-20 and 1/2”-13.
Lengths range from 1.00” to 10” long, custom sizes available.
Stainless steel bolt and hardware standard.
Extremely rugged and highly resistance to vandalism…

Ordering Information

*Please note that the chart below is a list of the TBA’s we stock. If you require a different length, please consult the factory.

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