Power Distribution Packages

From wheeled to skidded to containerized solutions, packaged power distribution line-ups can help provide emergency or redundant power or simply be a plug-and-play solution to a capital project. Easter-Owens’ design capabilities and flexible integration options allow us to incorporate a variety of components to meet a variety of turnkey power distribution needs.

Standard Features

  • Can be UL Listed
  • Suitable for any LV application
  • Can incorporate:
    • Generator tap boxes and docking stations
    • Transfer switches
    • Switchgear
    • Transformers
    • Panels and relay protection
    • Inverters / converters
    • Batteries and UPS
  • Can be integrated on wheels, skidded, containerized, or modular


  • Other environmentally rated enclosures are available
  • Custom paint colors
  • Custom power configurations
  • Refurbishing and maintenance on unit available as required


  • UL Listing 891, 508a, 1640

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