Project Estimator: Janice Miller

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In a time when males dominated the manufacturing world and the Internet seemed more reverie than reality, few dared enter the all-boys club. That is, except for Janice Miller.  Miller entered the industry answering phones and managing accounts receivable. When the crew was stretched too thin Miller was expected to step in and assist where she was needed most. She became an industry Renaissance woman juggling inventory control, purchasing, and estimating. Eager to learn, she kept her eyes and ears open to take in any information that came her way.

Janice Miller Project Estimator

Much like the majority of manufacturing, at Millers’ humble beginnings, estimating was a man’s job. While there were people that encouraged her along the way, her efforts were not always received well by others in the industry and on more than one opportunity were tested or even dismissed entirely. But, scrutiny did not deter Miller from continuing on her trek for knowledge. In fact, she relished in the challenge of proving herself. “You can’t convince someone that you know what you are doing until you do it. Talking get’s you nowhere, just do it,” said Miller. And proving herself through action is exactly what she did.

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Miller’s’ first big project was temporary lighting power for Denver International Airport. The $60 million dollar airport was first contracted in 1989 and is now the largest airport in the United States. Her long career has gone on to include the industrial control panels for Jin Mao. This is not only China’s tallest building at 1,380 feet, but also her most memorable project. While working on these landmark projects are a huge feat, her proudest moment came just a few short years after becoming an estimator when she closed a quarter million dollar deal with the University of Colorado on a handshake.  Even today, she continues to push the limits of manufacturing industry.

Her passion is unparalleled and her energy is contagious. She continues to learn every day. “Everything is fun if you like what you are doing,” says Miller. Miller’s unwavering dedication to learn along with more than forty years experience has not only lead to her mastery in industry standards and certifications, but has made her an indispensible member of the Easter-Owens team. Miller expresses, “Easter-Owens is an amazing company and they truly makes you feel like part of the family

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