Renewable Energy Solutions in Metal Fabrication

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According to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, renewable energy for electric power, transportation, industrial, residential and commercial purposes is the fastest-growing energy source in the United States.


Sustainable, energy efficient structures and renewable energy projects have become a commonplace request for Denver-based metal fabricator and power integrator, Easter-Owens, including builds such as:

Solar Arrestors: These panels protect a solar power system from lightning. A damaging surge can originate from lightning that strikes from a distance or even between clouds. Lightning arrestors absorb electrical surges and they work in conjunction with grounding. You must install a grounding system before or while you install power wiring.

Control Panels: A wind turbine actually works the opposite of a fan because it uses wind to make electricity. Wind turbine panels are easy to install and they enhance the value of your system. Industrial control panels are in high demand because they are reliable and efficient. Engineers can provide custom solutions and controls that are simple to integrate with any design. An engineering firm can deliver top quality custom design, product and manufacturing solutions for many different types of industries.

Benefits to the use of renewable energies are: 

  1. Reduction in air pollution.
  2. Cutting of global warming emissions.
  3. Creation of new jobs.
  4. Diversification of power supply.

As our clients rely less on traditional energy sources and require renewable energy projects, we provide the functional, durable solutions that our clients require.

About Easter Owens
Easter-Owens is a leading family owned 55,000 square foot design and development facility in Arvada, Colorado. The firm’s world-class design and development equipment have helped many corporations produce the controllers and panels that they need. For more information about your specific project, please contact us.


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