Our Services

From the day we meet to the years we support you, we’ve got all services under one roof.

sales estimating

Sales & Estimating

Reliable estimating requires experience in a range of disciplines. Our seasoned team of application engineers and technical estimators work closely with you in the beginning phases of your project to guarantee the numbers and timeframes are accurate, your needs are fully covered and standards are met.

solutions management

Solutions Management

A well-managed project means experiencing confidence from inception to completion. You’ll feel it in the constant communication, see it in the straightforward production schedule and among defined project milestones. And most importantly, you’ll know it in the timely delivery of your quality product.



We’re proud to employ a visionary team of designers and electrical, mechanical and structural engineers. They combine proven processes with modern technologies to generate a one-of-a-kind drawing – the blueprint to manufacture your custom-built solution.



Once you feel satisfied the drawings and specifications exactly meet your specifications, we begin the manufacturing process. In-house CNC tooling dramatically reduces lead times and gives us real-time control over quality. Our certified craftsmen are adept at working with a variety of conventional as well as technically challenging metals.



An expert finish is critical, for protecting surfaces from corrosion and creating an aesthetically pleasing addition to your operation, including matching brand-specific colors. Our painting department utilizes both liquid and powder coated finishing methods to match any color.

wiring assembly

Wiring & Integration

Our electricians and wiring technicians take care in wiring any application from 18 ga in PLC panels to 500 MCM in a power distribution center. Wires are clearly labeled for easy identification and maintenance.



Every custom system is tested for full functionality prior to shipment. The appropriate personnel are always available to ensure your systems are installed and operating properly.


Delivery & Support Services

We have shipped products all over the globe, including Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica and the Middle East. No matter the size or scope of the project, we will find a way to ship it. Count on technical support, field support, troubleshooting and maintenance to meet your specific needs.