Safety, Solutions and Power of a Generator Tap Box

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Many businesses that rely on emergency portable generators use the tap box as a fast and safe part of a backup power plan. Without the tap box, hooking up an emergency generator during a power outage takes time and brings the hazards of having high voltage cables running along interior surfaces, stairways and floors of your building. Making these connections in a safe manner may very well require the services of an electrician.

Generator Tap Box

generator tap box (also called a generator inlet cabinet or power quick connect) affords a quick connection to an emergency generator in case of a power outage relieves these hazards by having the power generator cables connect to the tap box outside the building.  The tap box is then permanently connected to a manual or automatic power transfer switch inside the building. This switch easily and safely transfers the power from the grid to the portable generator and through your building’s electrical system.

Generator tap box connectors are ideal for small to medium-sized office buildings that do not have permanent generators, stadiums that make regular use of portable generators, small businesses, or gas stations. Bank branches (especially stand-alone branches) often do not have the infrastructure to support permanent emergency generators, yet back-up power is vital for their security. Generator tap boxes give these branches the stability and security they need, with a fast set-up.

In need of a Generator Tap Box?

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Generator tap boxes are housed in stainless steel cases that mount on the outside of a building and are usually available for loads from 400 to 4,000 amps and handle high voltages in the 575 to 600 volt range, 480 volts, and 208 to 240 volt range. They can be equipped with male or female cam-lock connectors and can be counted on to maintain your business over a wide floor area and a variety of equipment. Just be sure to receive a generator tap box meets Underwriters Laboratory (UL) standards that specify a minimum 22KA withstand rating.

Easter-Owens is a full service engineering and manufacturing company that has the capability to provide and assist you with any power distribution equipment you need. For more information feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.


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