Security Electronics: Touchbolt™ Switch TBM5-TERM

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Touch technology is being used in a myriad of consumer products today from touch panels on microwaves and washing machines to those that are replacing the traditional lighting switchboards. Our TOUCHBOLT ™ SWITCH TBM5-TERM, brings touch technology into the manufacturing and process control industry utilizing a relay-based controller with enough current to flip a single circuit at a rated load of 1A at 30VAC/30VDC or 0.5A at 125VAC. As technology advances, non-mechanical buttons are providing a sleek and durable alternative for many consumer product designs, and are increasingly used for operator input in harsh or wet industrial environments.



  • For momentary make or break operator feedback; when touch is removed, the circuit flips, increasing efficiency and productivity in HMI panels for modern light industrial manufacturing.
  • When used as a replacement for mechanical switches, the Touchbolt™ switch input mechanism has no movable parts to wear, and is rated to provide a minimum of 200,000 operations under rated electrical load.
  • For direct or remote management of controls and instruments from control panel interfaces such as field stations or control room consoles.
  • For ADA applications touch switches are preferred for motor-skills challenged individuals, since little pressure is required for activation.

In sensor based relay circuits, false triggering due to electrical noise or relay clicking can be a problem. Our touch controller utilizes a Form-C (SPDT) dry contact relay for isolated load control, providing maximum immunity to false triggering. Upon power, the relay is reset to it’s wired default state, either open or closed. When the switch detects a touch, the relay is activated, and upon removal of touch, the relay reverts to its subsequent state.

Want more information? View the spec sheet.

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 The Touchbolt™ controller is activated by an assembly containing a stainless steel bolt, which can be ordered in various lengths and configurations. The controller should be located within eight feet of the Touchbolt™ assembly and must be powered continuously with the power leads run in separate conduit from the signal leads, to prevent noise induction.

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