Solar Power Quenches Thirst

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Desal-Prize winners may have developed a system to turn our world’s abundant supply of salt water into viable drinking water.

It is no secret that our growing global need is exhausting our natural resources and we are in a race to find plausible replacements.  Drinking water is no exception.  Recently, California residents were placed on strict water usage restrictions in order to conserve the meager portions still available.  Why should a state, surrounded by abundant oceans, be in such great need?

This is because the water that nestles up to the starlet state’s coastline is salt water and is too highly concentrated; not only for drinking water, but for industrial use or irrigation purposes.


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Custom manufacturing solutions, such as solar energy panels offer amnesty from our exhausted natural resources, and may be our answer to sustaining the growing global population.  Recently, USAID, a U.S. government agency “dedicated to the assisting in the aid of global poverty and enabling foreign democratic societies,” announced the winners of their “Desal Prize”. The competition is originally designed to find desalinations solutions for developing countries.

The champion group came up with a method to harness solar energy for charging batteries.  The batteries then power a system then draws out dissolved salt from water using electrodialysis.  In addition to drawing out the dissolved salt particles, with an electric current, the first-prize winners also applied a UV light to disinfect a portion of the water that passed through the system.

While, this system does cut down on the use of fossil fuels, it can offer a reprieve from our scarce drinkable resources, whether or not it can withstand continuous use or be cost effective remains to be seen, however it offers hope that a solution may be closer than we thought.  Find out how we can help you with your custom renewable energy solutions!

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