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Power outages in residential areas are a nuisance, but for a business a power outage can be disastrous.  Whether you are a manufacturing facility trying to meet a production goal, a medical center caring for patients, a restaurant serving customers, or an office building full of employees who depend on their computers and office equipment to do their jobs, a power outage means lost income, missed goals and wasted wages.  Standby Power Solutions: Generator Tap Boxes can keep this from happening.

generator tap box

Keep your business running when you lose power. Generator tap boxes provide fast backup power.  Using programmable logic circuits and auto start generators, back-up power is on-line quickly to keep your business running.

Custom options include:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Phase rotation protection
  • Cam-Lok snap covers
  • Crimp lugs
  • Custom enclosure colors

Things you need to establish when considering a back-up power source.


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Probability of power loss:
If your power supplier is highly reliable, and you expect it to stay that way, you don’t need back-up power.  If you are in a rural area or an area where power outages are frequent, backup power is a consideration.  Even if outages are infrequent but repairs take a long time, back-up power will keep you from sending your workforce home for the day when it happens.

Size of electrical load:
You need to know how much electricity your facility uses: what your peak load is, what a minimal load is, and what your average electrical load is.

Which systems are priority:
Are there some systems that could be shut down during an electrical outage and not drastically impact your operation?  You need to identify what systems are most important and which could be done without for a while.

Installation budget:
Naturally you will need to determine what you can budget for your back-up power installation.

About Easter Owens:

Easter-Owens has the ability to build in several states across the United States due to certifications for many industrial building programs. The company is also amongst one of the only fabricators in Colorado to be certified by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) to build reliable and durable custom industrial buildings for the state of Texas. Any project, no matter the size, scope, or distance, is expertly managed by professional and seasoned personnel. Please feel free to contact Easter Owens directly with questions.

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