State Certification Requirements for Modular Buildings

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Currently, there are 33 states that require modular building certifications. Each of these states has a different process, requirements and Third Party inspection schedule to obtain individual building certification. Compliance with all modular building requirements is critical to the successful inspection and startup of a modular building project.


The process starts when all customer approved plans are sent to the state or to a third-party for review prior to manufacturing to ensure the building meets all the applicable codes. Not all state review processes are the same. All states have specific allotted time frames that they require to complete reviews and approvals. Changes to plans, unit or equipment affect approval and lead times. 

Once approved, the state affixes their seal, or label, to the modular building indicating that it meets all the necessary criteria for its intended use and location. This seal is required before the building can be shipped into that state. It is possible for a building to be multi-state labeled.  This allows the building to be relocated to other states after a temporary use.


Our solution management team serves as the expert, assisting in the design and production process of the modular building for all states’ requirements in the U.S. We also build to meet the requirements in Canada.

Easter-Owen is well versed in Modular Building compliance, building codes and energy compliance from the US Department of Energy (COMcheck). Our modular buildings are completely custom and have a variety of applications that can house multiple brands of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), Motor Control Centers, Battery packs, Switchgear, and more as required by the design and application. Our solution management team serves as the expert, assisting in the design and production process of the modular building. If you have a modular building project in the future or have questions about your specifications, contact our experts today.


About Easter Owens
Easter-Owens is a leading family owned 55,000 square foot design and development facility in Arvada, Colorado. The firm’s world-class design and development equipment have helped many corporations produce the controllers and panels that they need. For more information about your specific project, please contact us.

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