Team Member Spotlight: Kevin Craft

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Kevin Craft first heard of Easter-Owens while working as a General Manager for a competitor manufacturing company. They had just lost a contract to Easter-Owens. Curious about the company, he researched online and got to know some of the current employees. What he found was an incredible family legacy with a highly-regarded reputation for integrity and value – not to mention an enticing career opportunity for himself.


 “I am very competitive by nature, and don’t like to lose,” he adds. “When I do, I analyze what led to the loss, and apply those lessons to the next opportunity.”

Since joining Easter-Owens as a Business Development Manager, Kevin says he has been given a “very stable platform in which to continue to sharpen my skills in business development, and learn the best techniques to apply to win more business.”

He urges new hires to make the most of their opportunities at Easter-Owens – for themselves and the company, as well as for coworkers. The industry has had its challenges but Kevin remains optimistic. What he loves most about his job is meeting new potential customers and figuring out how to solve their problems with fabrication and custom manufacturing projects.

His hopes for the industry are that it stabilizes as “the past 10 years have been very volatile with respect to finance, regulation, cost of doing business, and market fluctuations. I hope to see strong, consistent growth in our GDP and our industrial marketplace.”

Kevin’s career takeaways for others in the industry are:

  • A business with integrity is good for everyone involved.
  • Never ask your people to do something you aren’t willing to do yourself.

The next time you run into Kevin, be sure to ask him about his dozen grandkids – six of whom are boys and six who are girls – or his sidekick, a six-and-a-half-pound Morkie, Mya, whose favorite spot is apparently Kevin’s lap.


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