Technological Advances and Electrical Enclosure Design

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Designing custom controls, panels, enclosures and power distribution equipment involves a complex process of giving the customers what they want while keeping the products safe and effective. The engineer needs to figure out the answers to questions like, “How can I fit all the control components into the enclosure without overheating? How much space should be incorporated for possible future expansion without making the enclosure too large?” When engineering electrical enclosures it is important to have knowledgeable, experienced and skilled engineers whose aim is to provide safe, high-quality products.


As science brings new and improved technologies for manufacturing needs, electrical enclosures must adjust to accommodate these changes. For example, programmable logic controllers, or PLCs, have been in use for decades, but technological advances in recent years have improved their features and abilities, and coupled with their low cost, this makes them an attractive option. However they usually use terminal blocks mounted on circuit boards, which can be big and awkward and take up a lot of space, and that can be problematic in light of the shrinking size of control rooms and centralized cabinets. By staying on top of recent advances and aware of changing needs, we were able to find blocks that are smaller and easier to install, saving time and money and helping to meet our customers’ desire for a more compact product.

When designing enclosures, electrical safety must always be a primary concern. Easter-Owens enclosures are designed to National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standards for enclosures for electrical equipment. They are also tested for safety by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and are UL listed.

Easter-Owens has been doing business in Colorado since 1955. We specialize in electrical enclosures, security electronics, metal fabrication, power distribution and industrial control panels, and we have engineers in-house ready to create your custom design. To learn more about our products, please contact us.

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