The Good, Bad, and Dangers of Metal Fabrication

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Metal Fabrication is a fairly specialized skill set. Just as not everyone knows how to use a miter saw, even fewer know how to use a metal chop saw.  This is before thinking about rolling, bending, or welding the metal.

The truth is that it’s not good enough to just get a design done, it needs to be executed skillfully.  Ensure that your fabrication project is in the right hands by remembering “The Good, The Bad and The Dangerous”.


Easter Owens - Denver headquarters

The Good: Ask for some examples of work they have created. This is one of the first steps to determine the skill of the metal worker that you’re partnering with.  Does it look clean?  Are the welds even?  Whether your project is meant for form or function, clean welds mean a strong connection.

The Bad: Ask for references, as many as possible. If you are able, go and see the finished metal work for yourself and their facility.  This will keep you from getting ‘friendly’ references that may not always be in your best interest. It’s best to know the product and meet who you’re working with.

The Dangerous: Metal fabrication is a dangerous job. This is likely a large part of the reason that you are outsourcing the work, but ask about the safety record of the company.  They will likely be proud of how their shop runs and want to walk you through their process.

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You really want a stable company with a lot of experience handling any large-scale metal projects that you have. Reputation is a huge reference in and of itself. Since 1955, Easter-Owens has carefully crated a dedication to quality unmatched throughout the world. If you still have concerns or just want help with your metal project, feel free to contact us.

Photo Credit: Rick Janson


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