The Importance of a Well-Made Electrical Enclosure

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National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) defines various safety and protection requirements for all electronic systems. Among them is the need for protective room for electrical components. Many firms undertake construction and installation work without fully comprehending this rule. In the end, accidents follow. Listed are the benefits to a well-made electrical enclosure.



When exposed to environmental factors, electrical components will suffer wear and tear. Among the NEMA specifications is the requirement for waterproofing of the components. Enclosures shield electrical components from environmental factors and protect against rodents that eat away the cables and later on cause short circuiting.

Lockout Contaminants

Most electrical enclosures are not only waterproof but provide a seal against contaminants such as oils, mud, and gasses. In extreme temperatures, they guard the components and cables thus reducing failure.


An electric shock can have adverse effects on you. A good example is changing the heart rhythm. You, however, cannot avoid electrical components in this technological era. For this reason, all electrical cables and components should never be left naked. Bare wire is one where the metal part is in direct contact with the environment. Enclosures significantly help to prevent electric shocks. Another precaution against this is locking electrical control rooms from unauthorized persons. Locking them keeps individuals from the monitoring and manipulating the electricity.

An electrical enclosure is there for protection of electric and electronic devices. Also, they ensure the safety of users for handheld and desktop applications. With electrical enclosures, you will spend less time worrying about how to handle the devices. Contact us for more information.

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