The Importance of Finding a One-stop Shop for PDCs & Modular Fabrication

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In the ever-changing manufacturing industry, finding PDCs and equipment of quality at a lower cost is not an easy task. Strict competition and stringent regulations also heighten the need for quality and efficiency, fast making modular fabrication an industry standard. The one-stop-shop solves many of the problems of higher costs and continuity of quality. Using multiple companies for one build can be overwhelming, complicated, and can compromise the overall quality.

At Easter-Owens, a trusted fabrication and electrical solutions manufacturer for over 60 years, the priority is creating efficiencies in equipment for your specific industry’s operations.



Power Distribution Centers

From power and metering solutions to safety control panels to large power distribution centers for well sites – we’ve done it all. A large power distribution center (PDC) can house all production instruments onsite, decreasing ongoing production costs.

Our custom metal buildings are guaranteed to be reliable and durable. Whether you require a structure to house VFDs, motor control centers, switchgear, panels and low and medium voltage equipment, we have perfected the design, construction and integration for these robust structures.

Say goodbye to the old-time brick and mortar buildings, and hello to a new efficient building built in a one-stop shop. Our Engineering and Design Team will create your PDC, we’ll build it, paint it, put it together, our electricians will wire it to properly work with your equipment and we’ll make sure you get the best product by inviting you to test the quality yourself, in-house. Lowering equipment costs starts with housing all of your electrical needs in one, affordable place.

Modular Fabrication

Don’t forget about modular fabrication equipment needs – taking the construction of custom fabrications out of the job site and putting them in a controlled environment. This means increased efficiency, safety and the allowance for transcendent and fluid adaptability.

Efficiency is paramount in a quickly-moving industry and taking custom fabrications out of the job site increases needed efficiently which ultimately saves your company money. Not to mention, modular fabrication offsite is quite safe, ensuring your team – and wallet – stays protected from unnecessary safety risks and fees.

During a time when margins are key, the right industrial building construction company can design buildings precisely the way you need to get the job done right while reducing production costs.

When selecting a company to build a PDC or for any modular fabrication for oil & gas, choose a company you can trust. Easter-Owens has been a family-owned business for over 60 years and has a reputation of building reliable and durable products. Contact us today for your next project.

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