The Importance of Standardized PLC and Power Control Centers

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Building a reliable, standardized programmable logic controller (PLC) and panel are tough tasks that require fine equipment and expert designers. Companies are especially concerned about creating reliable, scalable devices that do not fail. Fortunately, there are now facilities and teams that can produce the resources necessary for a first-rate PLC.


“We thrive to provide a quality, safe and on-time product to our customers! This project consisted of 27 PLC Panels that were completed in a 6-week turnaround including drawing submittals and approvals!”

First of all, companies are seeking panels that are extremely reliable and some are looking at tight deadlines. Without high uptime, the devices can lead to malfunctions and disruptions in operations. They are helping to power high energy coolers, heaters and other equipment. Panels and electrical controllers need to be standardized and cut to the millimeter with high precision lasers to assure the quality. Additionally, design must be performed by expert teams with the knowledge and experience of creating past PLC panels.

Ideally, designers will have a wide variety of choices for fabrication in PLC or HMI enclosures, whether it is for Class 1, Division 1 or 2 panels.  This helps to energize everything from PLC racks to power supplies to din rail components.

Scalability is also crucial. Firms want to build the exact same panel whether it is just one device or 1,000. Expert fabricators with pre-punch tools can create identical panels at scale.

While some facilities are lacking in the designers with knowledge of the schematics, fabrication and PLC panel layout options, others have the skills and equipment to accommodate any design. The best facilities produce highly reliable equipment that make HVAC and other systems 100% dependable.

Easter-Owens is a leading family owned 55,000 square design and development foot facility in Arvada, Colorado. The firm’s world-class design and development equipment have helped many corporations produce the controllers and panels that they need.  For more information, please contact us.


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