The Secret of Finding The Perfect Electrical Engineer

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A finished manufacturing project might look great, but if it doesn’t function correctly, you’re going to run into a big problem. Vetting an Electrical Engineering team is just as important as finding the perfect Design team to build the product. Be sure to ask your electrical team these four questions to make sure you’re getting the best in the electrical business.


1. What’s On The Resume?
When vetting electrical teams for your project, look at past jobs and history of work orders. The electronics world is constantly changing. Has this particular team worked on anything recently that required an update in technology? If there are no recent projects involving any kind of technology, move on to the next team. Most likely, you’re latest electrical model today will be outdated in a year. Make sure your team is up to speed.

2. How Developed Are Available Prototypes?
In order to avoid errors in the final work, ask your electrical engineers how detailed they get with prototypes. A highly developed prototype gives engineers a closer look at potential problems with design and engineering before your project gets finalized. The better the prototype, the better the product.

3. Is Your Engineer A Team Player?
One of the most important traits of a skilled electrical engineer is his knowledge of the entire project. A good engineer knows that his part will affect the mechanical, firmware, software, regulatory, safety, and manufacturing of the overall system, therefore he realizes that what’s best or easy for the electrical team isn’t always best for the whole of the project.

4. Is Your Engineer Trying To Dupe You?
Take some knowledge to the interview with a potential electrical engineer. While it’s not important for you to know everything there is to know about electronics in the meeting, having some knowledge of general systems, or bringing someone with some electrical knowledge with you or having them on the call will help you keep the future engineer of your project honest.

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