To The New Generation Of Welders, Welcome!

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Looking for a career that guarantees a good paycheck and maximum amounts of freedom? Welding may be the answer.

It’s no surprise that with the boom of the oil and gas industry, the welding industry has exploded. Even as oil prices rock back and forth, new generations of welders are being called up to work in booming industries.


As a result of this need for a new generation of workers, educational opportunities are abounding. An array of high schools, trade schools, community colleges and universities are offering extra welding courses as well as fast-track degrees to help with the growing need in the industry. For young welders, finding a job is better than ever.

The promise of a solid job that offers growth and a sizeable paycheck is more appealing to the new generation of students than ever. The stereotype of welding being an older generations’ career path is now thrown out the window as kids get a taste of the high number of great jobs available. Welding teachers and industry veterans are eager to train a new wave of welders to take over the industry that has previously been relegated to an older, more knowledgeable era of tradesman. As a result, welding school is cheaper and more widely available.

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This new crop of classes, the promise of a bigger paycheck and the freedom to choose a company instead of taking the first job that comes along appeals to the Generation X workers who have a more entrepreneurial spirit than some of the welders that came before them.

Welding also offers a creative outlet for those who enjoy making new things. A career in welding offers a new generation of workers with a job that allows them freedom to work with their hands in a meaningful way, instead of using their hands to type on a computer.

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For new welding students entering the workforce, hungry to learn and ready to take on any challenge, J.D. Samms, Fabrication Lead at Easter Owens has some advice:

“Safety First!” says Samms. “There are so many risks involved with what we do, including amputations, lacerations and burns. Always maintain a high level of safety, no matter where you end up.”

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Photo Credit: Rick Janson

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