UL Product Certification Guide

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Our nature to toy and tinker has offered us a new era of manufacturing.  From sustainability and renewable resources to nanotechnology, we do not simply accept our truths.  We push them and break them until a new set of known truths is born. However, with innovation also come new dangers.

UL Certified ICP

Underwriters Laboratories, UL, is an independent worldwide safety consulting and certification company headquartered just outside of Chicago, Illinois. UL has played a critical role in the safety analysis and certification of new technologies, all while delivering peace of mind, to our homes and job sites for over a century. Here is a guide to six product certifications UL provides:

UL Listing
This is a product that has been tested and it meets requirements that are published by Underwriters Laboratories and are nationally recognized safety standards.  While the product may meet UL requirements, it in no way is an endorsement of the company producing the product itself.

UL Classification
This is an evaluation of the product with respect to certain properties. The three classifications include:

  • Applicable Underwriters Laboratories Requirements
  • Standards for Safety
  • Standards of Other National and International Organizations

Packaging of products may bear the Underwriters Laboratories logo as long as the complete classification mark is used on the product.


UL Performance Verification
Underwriters Laboratories has tested the product against certain performance standards and verifies the product meets:

The Underwriters Laboratories Performance Verification mark must be used with a statement explaining the scope of the verification.

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UL Component Recognition
This certifies that a component of a system has been evaluated by Underwriters Laboratories for use in that system. Recognized components are only intended for use with other products eligible for Underwriters Laboratories Listing, Certification, or Classification.

UL Functional Safety Listing Mark
This mark shows that a product has been tested and meets Underwriters Laboratories’ requirements as well as the safety requirements of another safety standard. Functional safety depends on properly functioning safety mechanisms within a larger system.

UL Functional Safety Component Recognition
This is certification that specific components of a larger functional safety system meet UL requirements. This is only intended for specific parts functioning in specific roles and does not cover an entire system, only products within that system.

Easter-Owens ensures that all products meet UL certifications. For more help on understanding all of UL’s markings, contact us today.

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