What it Takes to Get an Accurate Manufacturing Quote and Project Estimate

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It’s standard practice to get a quote on custom manufacturing and related projects, but getting one that is accurate requires more than just calling a company and asking how much they charge. Accuracy is only obtained when that company has enough details to factor everything into the cost.


Note All of the Details Before Calling

If you’re looking for a quote on an enclosure for your equipment or electrical system, you should make note of several details before calling. Some important factors include whether you need an indoor or outdoor enclosure, what environmental hazards it needs to endure, what size it should be, and what kind of coating you want for the outside. Pay extra attention to its expected environment: An enclosure that will be in an air-conditioned, dust-free equipment room has far different requirements than one that’ll be on a greasy, dusty, factory floor.

The easiest way to keep all of these details straight is to write them down before you call. Then, you’ll have all of the information at hand when we ask about it.

Provide Plans if You Have Them

We can plan out your enclosure for you or work from your own plans. If you already have plans, be ready to provide them. We can then discuss the project from that point to give you the best possible quote.

Be Prepared for a 15-Minute Call

Getting all of the details requires more than a two-minute conversation. Be prepared to spend at least 15 minutes going over all of the details with us. This level of specificity greatly reduces guesswork and helps to ensure that the quote we give will hit the mark. We’ll be able to provide that quote on the same day or the next, depending on what time you call and the level of detail involved in the project.

To get an accurate quote for your next equipment enclosure, just contact us with the necessary details. We’ll be glad to get started on your estimate.

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