What to Consider When Requesting a Custom Electrical Enclosure

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When buying an electrical enclosure, Easter-Owens has some things to consider about the surrounding environment that will help you to make the best selection for your needs. For the enclosure to effectively act as the first line of defense against electrical shorts, it must have good structural integrity to survive the elements around it. There are not many threats, but they are costly and can be prevented with the right product and regular maintenance.


Chemical Contact

Some chemicals are extremely caustic and should not come in contact with an enclosure’s materials. Hydrobromic acid, for one, should keep well clear of them. The amount of damage of direct contact does depends on temperature, concentration, and washing frequency.

White Rust

Sometimes moisture gets trapped between surfaces in closely packed areas that are not well aired for a long time. Then a white discoloration on the enclosure can appear. This is merely cosmetic, but it indicates that the enclosure could use some ventilation.

Galvanic Corrosion

A galvanic reaction, is where two or more dissimilar metals come in contact in an electrolyte, such as salt water. This causes molecules of one metal to detach and hop on the other one. This can happen in an enclosure, which causes holes. Make sure dissimilar metals are not meeting in electrolytes if at all possible.


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Temperature Extremes

Electronics densely packed in small spaces generate lots of heat. This heat shortens the life of electronics and the insulation. Extreme cold can threaten the integrity of materials involved as well. An owner may need to consider insulation and cooling systems.

High Traffic Areas

Forklifts, cars, and other vehicles can hit an enclosure with a tremendous amount of force, leaving dents that can disguise holes. These holes will let in dust and moisture that can threaten the electronics within. It is important to do a regular visual inspection to make sure you catch incidents when they happen.

Also, performing preventive maintenance on electrical enclosures after your purchase is an essential defense against these threats to protect your investment and the life of the product.

Once these threats have been identified, he or she can make an educated decision or contact us to request a quote and we can point you to the products are best for your environment.

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