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Bussed Gutters are now available for purchase. The ampacities are from 400 to 4000. Fabricated from 12 gauge cold-rolled steel with mounting ears for easy installation. Standard three-phase/four-wire configuration and custom configurations available. Lengths of up to 30 feet are ULlisted and please consult factory for larger lengths. Available in a horizontal or vertical design.

Electrical Enclosures

As cities grow, so do the electrical needs of citizens and business. Metal fabricated enclosures like custom water pump enclosures, gas metering sheds and NEMA standard cabinets are only some of the electrical enclosures our team at Easter-Owens can design and fabricate.

At Easter-Owens, our engineers work with your specific requirements to deliver the perfect enclosure for your needs. No matter the size, shape or where it’s located, our engineers will design the perfect fit.

Guidelines/Standards we build and design to: NEC 2017, IBC 2015
UL Approvals: UL 891, UL 1640, UL 1773, UL 244A/508, UL 50, UL 698, UL 508A, UL 870

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What We Do

NEMA, Consoles, Battery Enclosures

We offer a variety of NEMA enclosures that vary by the specific protection they provide. When designing enclosures, electrical safety must always be a primary concern. Easter-Owens enclosures are designed to National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standards for enclosures for electrical equipment. They are also tested for safety by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and are UL listed.

Wireways, Skids, Racks

All metalwork and most controls are customizable and we can work with your designs or design a custom product. We offer skid mounting, racks and wireways for your electrical or manufacturing needs. We do offer rain testing if required as an additional cost.


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