Why are secondary cabinets a safe and convenient power distribution option?

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Buildings such as apartment blocks, offices, warehouses and other large facilities require power connection points for multiple service feeds. You can have distinct power lines serving various connections with different voltage ratings. This includes connections for the central heating system, lighting, elevators, as well as the general socket power points. Below are the reasons for using Secondary Connection Cabinets to provide enclosures for distributions mentioned above.



Secondary Connection cabinets are available in customized configurations. You can always order a cabinet by giving your specifications depending on such factors as the available space and your power connection type (Single-phase/three-wire, three-phase/ three-wire or three-phase/four wire configuration.) When there is termination of power from the transformer, spliced and distributed from a single enclosure, it also becomes easy to identify and isolate a faulty connection whenever there is a blackout.


When it comes to electric wiring, safety is paramount. Secondary Connection Cabinets have a Short-circuit rating of 100kAIC @ 480VAC, and between 1200 and 4000 amperes. Having gone through all statutory quality assurance tests, they are fit for safe use in both commercial and residential facilities.

General Aesthetics                      

How attractive a building externally is, relies heavily on the professionalism involved in setting up utility connections. A haphazardly done electrical wiring poses a grave danger to the building occupants and makes your property unsightly, which only helps to reduce its value. Secondary Connection Cabinets are available in custom colors and provide aesthetically appealing enclosures to conceal your wiring.

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